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Find out what Jesus’ life was like and how He can be part of yours! It’s our tagline, but His plan. is an openminded platform where you can find a lot about Jesus. We’re convinced Jesus is still relevant for our lives today, so let’s Discover Jesus

How? Well… through the internet. Daily millions of people are searching for meaning in life, we’re here to answer some of those questions. Also, try one of our free courses, they might be helpful in finding yours!

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WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO is a global movement of over 70 national and international ministrypartners working together. 

Collaboration is the key within Since the beginning (2005), a French ministry and a Dutch ministry started working together by sharing vision, concepts, technology and linking to each other. For many years, we called the collaboration the “Jesus Internet project”. At that time, we already saw that the Kingdom of Jesus needed these unconditional partnerships, where the only focus is on bringing the Good news of Jesus to the Internet.

In 2010, we started to use the name “” for the alliance and the network started growing. We quickly realized that we needed to have a structure to organize the movement. In 2012, the non-profit was founded in the Netherlands.​



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  • Johan MyBurgh, coordinator in South Africa

     “The thing that attract me most to is the fact that this is a complete package for doing online ministry. The support is great, but the most important aspect is the fact that the teaching is biblically sound and the discipleship process is exceptionally good and effective”.