You are free!

04 Jul 2018

Happy Independence Day to all those celebrating in the United States! :-)


It’s the jubilant cry of valiant heroes, when they have finally defeated the enemy and liberated their country…


It’s also the joyous cry of your teenager, when you give him/her the permission to go out on a Friday night! ;-)

All of us thirst for freedom. We want, in the deepest part of our beings, to be free.

  • Free from the opinions of others,
  • Free from addictions,
  • Free from what imprisons our souls,
  • Free to do what we’re called to do,
  • Free financially,
  • Free to be generous in giving to others.

This desire to be free, shared by all human beings, is normal!

God actually created us with an appetite for freedom. He created us, not so that we would be imprisoned by something or someone, but so that we could be free!

Most of us don’t have real chains hanging from our wrists or feet, but too often we have chains in our hearts or our thoughts.

Jesus is the One who can liberate us from these chains!

Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name.” (the Bible, Philippians 2:9)

Thus, in Jesus’s name, everything that is imprisoning and binding you is destroyed, right now!

You are free! You are truly free in Jesus! (see John 8:36)

Let’s rejoice as we listen to this powerful song, “I Am Free!”

It is God who created us with the appetite for freedom… and God who gave us the desire to see others set free as well! This is one of the reasons I write “A Miracle Every Day” every day… would you like to join me in this work by giving financially? “A Miracle Every Day” is (and will always be) free but does have a cost and currently needs monthly financial support. As a thank you, all new monthly donors will also receive a FREE hard copy of my book, The Lord is My Shepherd! To give, please click on this link.