God is changing lives through your support!!

05 Jul 2018

Today is the last day of ourFreedom Weekseries and the support drive forA Miracle Every Day.” Thank you to everyone who has contributed financially! Know that your gift allows thousands of people to be blessed every day. If you wish to give, please click on the link at the end of this email!

Today, Id like to share the story of howA Miracle Every Daygot its startand where it is going!

A few years ago, my wife, Muriel, and I were in the mountains of Colorado on a prayer sabbatical. We wanted to develop relationships with American ministers but also to take time away to seek God without an internet connection, which in my case (as founder of Jesus.net for example), was quite difficult, especially in the beginning!

During this time, God did something truly special in my life. He began to speak to me about French/francophone Christians’ need to be encouraged in their faith so that they could enter into the supernatural of God! “Un Miracle Chaque Jour” was launched in French, and then the Lord started speaking to me about translating it into other languages. “A Miracle Every Day” was born through incredible doors He opened!

Now, thousands of people receive “A Miracle Every Day” in the English-speaking world every day, and 86% of those who have subscribed say that they have positively progressed in their walk of faith after 90 days of reading the emails! All glory be to God!! Here are just a few testimonies I’ve received…

  • I have had a lifetime struggle with anxiety. Reading your message every day has allowed me the quiet time to pray and meditate wherever that may be. My anxiety is now under control. I leave the message on for the entire day so I can go back to it when I need to for comfort. Thank you, from my heart, for reaching out to me. God bless you.” (Sandy, USA)
  • I so needed this Eric…. I lost my husband February 12th, 2017, and this is the verse I read to him on his deathbed. As many times as I want to give up, you send me something from our Lord Jesus to tell me to GET UP, KEEP GOING!!! The morning he passedyou sent me something about not being alone. I am so forever grateful to you and Jesuskeep up the beautiful job you do for Him. (…)” (Jodi)
  • “‘A Miracle Every Dayis the greatest lifesaving machine everI came into contact with it when my life crashed and all hope was lostI dont know how it happened, but it found me and it has helped me find God. I feel God speak to me every morning. I feel Him all around me. I have life, and I am greatly encouraged to live throughA Miracle Every Day’ (…)” (Chinweoke, Nigeria)

There’s nothing more wonderful and encouraging to me than reading testimonies like these from Sandy, Jodi, and Chinweoke… People like you, my friend, are the reason I write “A Miracle Every Day.” I’m so thankful to God for how He has used this daily email throughout the world to touch and change lives!

“A Miracle Every Day” now exists in several other languages in addition to French and English: “Cuda Każdego Dnia” in Polish, “Un Milagro Cada Dia” in Spanish, “Ik Wonder Jou” in Dutch and معجزة كل يوم in Arabic. And my team and I are working on translating “A Miracle Every Day” into Russian and Italian! May Jesus’s name be glorified throughout all the Earth!

Dear friend, you are precious to me as a part of the worldwide “A Miracle Every Day” family. And I’m so grateful for your prayers and support! When you pray and sow a financial gift into this ministry, you become part of our team, sending the Good News all around the world. You also share in the joy of the Lord’s harvest as hearts are encouraged; broken lives are healed; and people are saved, set free, and transformed by God’s love!

Thank you so much for partnering with us. May you be abundantly blessed, as the Lord declares in His Word: Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measurepressed down, shaken together, and running over [with no space left for more]. For with the standard of measurement you use [when you do good to others], it will be measured to you in return.” (Luke 6:38, AMP)

Thank you for your prayerful love and support! And remember: 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly toward the costs of “A Miracle Every Day,” such as the fees for creating and sending the daily email, the team of counselors, etc. As a thank you to new monthly donors, you will receive a FREE hard copy of my book, The Lord is My Shepherd! To give, click this link!